Sara O.

I had let myself go. My body was tired and my energy was very low. And my health! My health was deteriorating. I had depression, had developed a tremor and hard to treat anemia. I felt sick and shaky and stressed every day. I had surrendered to the idea that I was a just mother, worker, and wife; all of which are beautiful, but I didn't feel my own identity, strength, courage, or happiness. I was leaning on others for theirs.
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I was like it was wearing a costume. Like I was not me; I was someone else who had given up on themself. It is hard to explain what changed in me. I was suddenly done wearing this heavy, tired costume and I felt ready to climb, squat and run my way out of it.

I signed up for a Kaia BRIK. It was tough. I worked out. I was sore. Some days I cried, but I sweat so much my tears were hidden. But I was doing it. I found my own motivation and validation. I just kept going. Not going to Kaia FIT was NOT an option.

It's been a year since I started Kaia FIT. Today, I am strong, confident, and feel like I made friends with myself again. I practice self-care. I am healthy and have lost 30 pounds and counting. The costume is off and I have arrived.
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Kaia Fit Petaluma

Catherine T.

From Couch to Coach

When I started Kaia FIT, I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had just recovered from months of battling fatigue caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, and that battle had left me weak, overweight and in low spirits. My challenges were significantly compounded by the fact that my youngest child was in the acute phase of an autoimmune-related illness that placed great strain on him and our entire family. See More >

When I started Kaia FIT, I was at a very difficult point in my life. I had just recovered from months of battling fatigue caused by the Epstein-Barr virus, and that battle had left me weak, overweight and in low spirits. My challenges were significantly compounded by the fact that my youngest child was in the acute phase of an autoimmune-related illness that placed great strain on him and our entire family.

I heard about Kaia FIT through my children’s gymnastics studio and found within myself the courage to try out a class. At one point, early on in the class, I was supposed to be jumping rope 100 times. After only 10 jumps, I was exhausted and ready to cry and give up. One of the coaches came over to me in the corner, smiled, and told me that we would take the 100 jump ropes together 10 at a time. With her support and encouragement, I did it! Mind you, knowing that the next exercise in the circuit was running around the building twice or walking around it once, I made it through the jumping rope in part by telling myself that I would finish that exercise and then walk really slowly around the building. But the coach didn’t abandon me. She could tell I needed emotional support, so after the jump roping she looked at me and said, “O.K., let’s power walk around the building! Follow me!” And, in that moment, I became a Kaia Girl.

Over the next weeks and months, the Kaia FIT program gave me all the tools I needed to get healthy—from nutritional guidance and tasty, healthy recipes to fun, varied workouts that were designed to be done at whatever fitness level needed (and, believe me, I needed a very low level at the beginning). I was the weakest woman in the class when I started but I never felt shamed or discouraged. The coaches and other girls were not competitive but caring, supportive and encouraging. It was hard but I followed the program and immediately saw results and that encouraged me to keep going. In the first 5 weeks, I lost 10 pounds and by the six-month mark I had lost 25 lbs and felt stronger and healthier than I had in well over a decade! Friends and acquaintances were amazed at my transformation and would stop and compliment me. It wasn’t just the weight loss. For instance, one friend commented that my skin was glowing—and it was true! I didn’t even need to exfoliate anymore; my skin was soft, smooth and clear.

Exercising, eating mindfully, and being in the presence of a community of supportive, inspirational Kaia women truly helped me to get through the emotional challenges of my son’s battle for health (he had fortunately recovered substantially by the end of the year). It was good for me to realize that taking care of myself—and doing something just for me—actually allowed me to have more love and energy to give to my family and others. I was so much happier and that happiness radiated and enhanced my relationships with my husband, kids, and other people in my life.

Before I started Kaia FIT, I was so weak that I had to rest at regular intervals on the couch. I was constantly telling my kids that I needed a break. If I needed to go upstairs in our house, I dreaded it and tried to minimize the number of trips I had to make because I was that weak. Just last month, I carried my 72-pound sleeping son up those very same stairs to his bedroom! I have become an athlete again and Kaia FIT is my sport. I never cared much for running, but with my Kaia sisters’ support, I ran my first mile since the time I was forced to do it in high school and I felt on top of the world. That was followed a few months later by my very first race. I was so proud to run 5 miles without stopping! I was very slow but I did it. Now I love running and can run a mile in under 8 minutes! I have participated in several mud runs and races as part of our Kaia team and look forward to more in the near future!

Kaia FIT transformed my life, making me stronger, healthier and happier. I couldn’t be more passionate about how wonderful the program is and how it really can change lives because it changed mine so completely. Now I am ready to give back: This year, I decided to become a Kaia coach. My Kaia journey is expanding as I teach and support other Kaia FIT women in the workouts and on their own fitness journeys. I love it and I am so excited to be a part of Kaia FIT in this way!

This is my Kaia story and I am proud to be a Kaia Girl and now a Kaia Coach!< See Less

Kaia FIT Petaluma Coach

Julie Shulman

I’ve never been much of an athlete, in the typical sense. I do enjoy hiking, and I’ve always loved to dance. But, like so many other women, after I had my child, my priorities shifted. With more energy and time needed to sustain my career and nurture my family, it got redirected away from my health. It wasn’t like I explicitly said to myself that my heath wasn’t as important; it was just the only thing that felt alright to let slip.See More >

And, let it slip, I did. I experienced a chronic low level of energy, felt deteriorating strength, and regularly used various unhealthy foods in my unsuccessful attempts to fuel myself. Over five years, my less than 5-foot frame grew by over 25 pounds. The extra weight took an additional toll on me: my energy, my strength, my stamina. Even my feet – I occasionally pushed myself to get out for a hike, but found that it was painful on my feet. Plantar fasciitis, the podiatrist said, likely exacerbated if not entirely caused by the extra weight I was placing on my feet. I tried various suggestions to reduce the pain, but nothing seemed to help. Nothing, that is, until I began to take charge of my health in a robust, comprehensive way.

The breaking point for me was realizing that my daughter stopped asking me, and instead turned to her Daddy (every single time) for a “pick up.” I did occasional pick her up, but I rarely lasted very long. I clearly recall her saying to Daddy, “Mommy can’t pick me up; you’re stronger.” Admittedly, Daddy is and likely will always be stronger than me. But, to carry our now-33 pound daughter, that difference shouldn’t matter. Not only did I want to be able to carry her when she got tired at the end of a long outing. I also wanted the stamina to be able to run and chase her, not just cuddle and read books with her.

I got serious in late 2015. I know that in order for me to wholeheartedly tackle something, to begin to prioritize it enough to make it happen, I need to feel connected. As a feminist psychologist, I lecture on how, as women, we are socialized as relational beings. As a relational being, I need support. I need comradery. Cooperation. Teamwork. Motivation. Encouragement. Friendship. I need interpersonal connection to buoy the hard work. Kaia has been that for me.
I joined Kaia Fit in October of 2015. In four months, I’ve gotten far stronger- I run and play with my daughter without pooping out in 5 minutes and now she often turns to me to be picked up. I see and feel muscles in my body that I didn’t know existed, and I’ve lost 17 pounds. Of course, I was ready for a major change. I had no idea, however, how Kaia Fit was going to offer me so much more than a great workout. It is less challenging than ever before to make regular workouts happen because there are so many different class times throughout the week. But, the real clincher for me, for sure, has been the community I am building with Kaia Women. We hold each other accountable, we share recipes and tips on eating healthfully, we motivate and encourage each other, we drop for push-up’s when we run into each other in public. By forming a community, Kaia Fit offers me something no other gym or fitness class can. It has caring coaches who know us on a personal level and who help individualize the workout for different folks’ needs, it fosters an environment of support wherein women help build each other up, and it creates a bond among us that helps us remain committed to one another’s and our own health, fitness and overall well-being. It’s hard to miss class when you have that! < See Less

Kaia Fit Petaluma

Joyce R.

Although I have never been a serious athlete, I’ve been in pretty good shape all my life. I’ve been retired for a number of years now, and I am an avid golfer, playing 18 Hole Courses several times a week with my husband and friends. For many years I also attended Curves for a structured exercise program. See More >

I joined Kaia FIT Petaluma in January 2014 and immediately connected with the 5am ladies. I have workout buddies in class that have become good friends. I work at my level and I do it all, including exercises I have never heard of or thought I could ever do. I shocked myself a few months ago when I jumped right into doing cartwheels!

I have never liked or wanted to run. In class when others run, I power walk. As the coaches point out, though, line runs are running - so apparently I do run and just didn’t realize it. Sometimes Kaia just sneaks up on you in amazing ways.

Our diet at home is very similar to the Kaia nutritional philosophy. I eat very healthy most of the time, with a break now and then to enjoy a glass of wine (with ice, please) or a night out. I am told my body-fat percentage (which is under 20%) speaks to my dedication to working out and healthy eating.

My physician tells me I am in incredible shape for my age. Since joining Kaia FIT, I’ve toned up, gained strength, and improved my agility, flexibility and cardio ability. Until Kaia, I had never taken a yoga class and I had no interest in it. Now I love it and look forward to those Friday classes.

The icing on the cake is that I feel younger than I could imagine. Last week a complete stranger told me how incredible I look and asked what I did. He was very disappointed that Kaia is a program for women.

Thank you Kaia for giving me an extended group of friends and making me feel better at 71 years old than I ever thought I would in my wildest dreams. I am living proof that Kaia is for everyone. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Rosie W.

I have struggled with my weight for years. I have been yo-yoing for as long as I can remember. The hardest (and most important) lesson I had to learn in this fitness journey is this: no one can give you a perfect body and optimal health can’t be handed to you on a silver platter. The first step is, you have to want it. Then, you have to work for it! Nobody can do that for you. What Kaia gives you is the tools for achieving your greatest potential, and then you take it from there. See More >

Kaia’s approach is fool-proof. With Kaia, there are no gimmicks and no “get-thin-quick” empty promises. The way I see it is, Kaia is based on 3 things: Community, Clean eating, and fun/dynamic/effective exercise. When you join Kaia, you step into a community of women who are coming together for the shared goal of feeling better and getting healthier. This community is one of the most profound differences between Kaia and all the other gyms out there. The best way I know how to articulate this is with a little story.

I joined Kaia at the beginning of a BRIK session. I was at my heaviest weight ever (195lbs). I felt sluggish, defeated, and far from beautiful at that point in my life…and I was only 23 years old! During one of the first days of BRIK, we were supposed to run a timed mile. My worst nightmare. I have never been a runner and I had always told myself I could scarcely run across a street…an entire mile was out of the question! My mind shut down. My inner voice kept telling me that there was no way I could do it. I was feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and worst of all, ashamed by what I believed to be inevitable failure. Sensing this, two of my Kaia teammates discretely came over to me. They told me, “you are going to finish this mile. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk every few steps, you are going to finish it. You can do it.” And I did.

Now, mere months later, I am running 5 miles on a regular basis- on my own! I have lost 20lbs, and still dropping. I am confident, my skin is brighter, my hair is growing better, I have more energy, and most importantly, I am happier. This is not some bottled testimonial, it’s true. I think sometimes we subconsciously hold onto less-than optimal health because it is comfortable- or at least that was the case for me. But your comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing grows. When you are ready to become the best version of yourself, Kaia is a great place to make it happen. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Laura P.

Kaia and the women who work out there changed my life. I was so tired of buying a bigger size, and not liking the way clothes fit me. I decided to make a change. See More >

I knew it would be drastic, because for the last two years, I hadn’t worked out and basically ate whatever I wanted( chocolate and potato chips are my favorites). Reading the Kaia material sounded great, because it was a meal plan with a recipe book and an exercise routine. I felt overwhelmed, however I took it one day at a time. Everyone at Kaia was so welcoming and friendly. All the ladies are helpful and encouraging. Which made the experience a lot more rewarding. In 6 weeks I lost 14 lbs. which was amazing. I have not felt this great in a while. I would recommend this experience to anyone who wants a healthier life style. Oh and one more thing that I did not expect, I am having a lot of fun!. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Ruth R.

Last fall when I joined the Kaialympics BRIK session, I knew I had to do something serious. I had been exercising at a different gym, but I had plateaued. The needle was going the wrong direction on the scale, and I was not getting perceivably stronger. In a year or so, I would reach my next decade, and I was scared. I had a family history of heart disease, and I knew I wanted to enter that next decade in better shape than I was at that time. See More >

I was committed to attend the BRIK session—five times a week and follow the Kaia level diet plan. I decided to detox off of caffeine and added sugar, as much as possible. I was motivated to get to the 5 AM class each day and give it my all. I commuted up from Marin and returned home in time to shower, dress up and get to work by 7:30. It was a logistical challenge, as well. The workouts were tough, but I found that I could do things that I hadn’t been able to do previously—run a mile faster and with less difficulty, do more push-ups, go higher on the pull-up bar, and balance better in different yoga poses.

As the weeks progressed and I got into the routine of both diet and exercise, I found there was more that motivated me. The esprit de corps from both the other participants and the coaches and the fact that each workout is entirely unique keep me going each week and coming back the next. The weight has come off, and I find myself much more mindful of my diet choices.

As I reflect, I believe Kaia is the perfect blend of emphasis on individual achievement and group support. My goal is to continue to show up and give it my all—to enter into my next decade and the one after that stronger and better able to meet the challenges that come my way. To do my best and keep going, “Kaia Strong.” Thank you, Kaia. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Corrina L.

By the summer of 2014, I was 25 lbs over weight and the weakest I had ever been in my life. After having two children and turning 40, my weight had crept up, year by year, for the past eight years. I was in denial that I was “unhealthy” because I had always worked out several times a week and ate a relatively healthy diet. I didn’t eat processed grains or sugar, fried food, or fast food. But my weight kept climbing and I had all but given up on myself. I had come up with a million excuses as to why I couldn’t exercise more or eat better. See More >

I was inspired to try Kaia by a friend who had lost significant weight and gotten really strong. Another friend and I motivated each other to do something for ourselves and joined the BRIK program last September. At first, I thought there was no way I could make a 6am class but it turned out to be the perfect time. I could get up and workout before the kids needed to be ready for school. The workouts were fantastic and made me feel great, even though they were very hard. The first week I was so sore but I just kept coming back for more. By the end of the six weeks I had lost more than 10 lbs and several inches.

After six months of a life with Kaia, I have lost more than 15 lbs and I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt in my life, certainly since before I had kids. I went down three pants sizes! I intend to stick with it and hope to lose another 10 lbs or so. But for the first time in 10 years I feel like me again! < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Jamie N.

I was “pressured” into just “trying out” Kaia by Nina S. I reluctantly accepted the invitation. Mind you, I was nearly 50 pounds overweight and had not exercised in over three years since relocating to Northern California. The first class I took was so hard I couldn’t believe it. I instantly realized I had completely neglected myself and I was disgusted. See More >

I immediately joined Kaia as a VIP member but I was still mentally only semi-committed. Personal things came up in my life and I used them as an excuse not to go to class. But during this last BRIK session, Kaialympics, I reached a point where I decided to commit to creating a better version of myself, and Kaia has changed my life.

I am a person who needs to follow a direct program or recipe. I do not have creativity in this area. So the fitness workouts were what I needed: come to class, follow the Coach’s instructions “do these exercises for this amount of time or reps” and it was completely satisfying. The Kaia nutritional program was also just what I needed. All I had to do during BRIK was follow the menu, look for the recipes, prepare the food and eat! After five weeks I had to tie my tights in a bundle with a rubber band during class because they were falling down.

I was dedicated to attending class and I followed the nutrition plan to a “T” and in just six weeks, I ended up losing 16 pounds and 14 inches and felt stronger than I’ve ever felt.

Beyond losing weight and trimming down I had other goals. I wanted to be able to remove one of my rings which I have not been able to do for over three years. It needed cleaning and TLC. The night I removed it, I was so excited I texted a photo to one of the coaches!

I say Kaia has changed my life because I don’t eat the same way I did before and I actually look forward to going to class to exercise. If someone would have told me that I would be excited to go home and eat a bowl full of vegetable curry (prepared the way the Kaia cookbook instructs) I would have thought they were insane. I am still losing weight and I am getting stronger and building more endurance with each Kaia FIT class!

Two weeks ago I went for my annual physical examination and got the results of my blood panel. It was amazingly great! I had been putting it off for a year because I knew it would be horrible with the way I was taking care of myself. I changed all that with diet and exercise and no medications whatsoever!

I have also created some incredible friendships with extraordinary women in Kaia who all have a common goal- to be Kaia Strong! I took this photo on my doorstep because it represents the door I have passed through on my journey. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Leslie S.

Finding Kaia has given me back my life. Not only has it introduced me to a healthy lifestyle, it has taught me how to maintain that healthy lifestyle. See More >

I played various sports during high school and college and while I was an athlete, I never learned how to stay fit and eat healthy. Between daily practice and a youthful metabolism I looked fit but I didn’t know how to be fit. I graduated college and found myself 80 pounds heavier with no knowledge of how to get into shape. I spent the last 8 years joining gyms, trying different fitness classes, and researching different diets. Besides dropping 10 pounds and gaining back 5, nothing worked for me. I found gyms overwhelming and I felt self-conscious for the first time in my life. Each time I “failed” I found it harder to try something else.

Finally I found Kaia. Kaia has given me the world. I instantly fell for the idea of a class created by women for women. How brilliant, because who would best understand what I was feeling besides other women? Kaia gave me the team atmosphere I craved. Each woman has their own needs and abilities and Kaia not only understands that but they know how to accommodate that. Every class is different which has been key in my success. I like the challenges and the variety. I have found mentors, friends, and inspirations in my class and I thank my peers and coaches for sharing what they have with me. I have lost over 20 pounds so far and inches are falling off! I look forward to putting in the work every week just to see the success that comes with it.

I not only have the “Kaia glow,” I feel it too. Kaia has something to offer everyone and I highly recommend trying it to see what it can offer you. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Nina S.

Today I am wearing a suit I bought nearly a year ago. When I bought it online it was a little tight but I thought I could lose a couple of pounds as I worked out a lot. I bought the suit because I was given a new assignment at work and needed a smart outfit. See More >

My previous wardrobe consisted of a uniform of workout clothing and karate gi, not much else, and certainly stretchy material was my preference. I ran my first Tough Mudder a month into that new job assignment and sprained my ankle on mile eight pretty severely. I did manage to hobble to the finish line, in case you were wondering. The recovery however, coupled with the new assignment requiring much longer sedentary desk hours, was not to my benefit. I quickly packed on 20 unwanted pounds and my lovely new suit went to the back of my closet. I tried Insanity, Turbo Fire and Les Mills Combat. I was really good at doing the workouts even with my long work hours. But the weight didn’t budge.I was desperate to try something I’d not tried before to lose weight. I found Kaia in Petaluma and when they started an evening class that fit my schedule I did one CORE session. I lost 2 lbs and I loved it! I also realized that I should try the nutrition plan for BRIK sessions to see if that made a difference. At the end of the six week BRIK program I had lost inches, weight (13 lbs!) and body fat.

And so, that brings me back to today, where I am now in the middle of a Kaia CORE program. I do not know exactly how many pounds I have lost so far but the suit pants are now too big and without a belt I would lose them! Next goal: Wearing shorts in public and feeling confident that I look fit and healthy.< See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Amanda M.

Since joining KaiaFit in February of 2014 my life has changed. I thought I was going to lose a little weight and I have, but I have also gained so much more…in ways I never expected. I now have energy, muscles, stamina, a more positive attitude, friendships and so much more. I knew right away that Kaia is different than going to a gym. The workouts are always unique and already planned for you, you just have to show up! The variety never allows you to become bored because they incorporate fun hikes, runs and even obstacle courses into the weekly workouts. It only took a few weeks for me to decide to become a Kaia VIP so I could be automatically enrolled into sessions. Of course I have lost weight, it’s easy when you show up, do the workouts and follow the eating tips they provide you. The coaches and other Kaia girls will keep you motivated and push you to try things you would have never dreamed of and this is why I will be KaiaFit for life!

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Jenna H.

You can find a place to sweat all over town. Trust me, I’ve probably been there. Crossfit, Hot Yoga, Fancy gyms amongst several other places. These places are great for many people, including myself at one time. But, those places are designed for people who do not have excuses. See More >

Last year, 2013, was the most difficult year of my life thus far. Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My relationship with my fiancé of five years crumbled. My job went from a forty-hour a week to a sixty-hour a week commitment. I had never felt such immense pressure to take care of something: everything and everywhere I turned. But I stopped taking care of myself; I suddenly had an excuse every night why I couldn’t make myself a priority. I quickly went from someone who exercised five days a week to someone who would go to the gym one time a week on a good week.This year I knew I had to change, I was so consumed by external things that I was losing my mind, self-confidence, and my pants for that matter: I had gotten to the place when you only have one pair of pants that fit anymore: “the fat pants.” I tried to go back to the kickboxing, crossfit, outdoor fitness camps, etc., but I just couldn’t motivate myself to maintain it. Then, I stumbled upon Kaia. I was immediately impressed with the owner’s and trainers’ passion. I would soon learn what inspired that passion. Kaia is not just a workout, it is a comfortable environment for you to expose yourself: strengths and weaknesses alike. Women from different fitness backgrounds and different walks of life come together to strive for more out their bodies and, I assume, their life. Kaia will give you the supportive environment to push yourself past your comfort zone, you know that place of uncontrollable groaning while making a face that can only otherwise relate to constipation… Yep, you will do that there, and you’ll get many high-fives for it.

Kaia will give you the workouts, the diet recommendations, and everything else you need to make that healthy change. Life is full of hurdles and competing priorities, but when you feel like there is just no way to justify those few hours a week, that is when you need it the most. Trust me on that one.

I owe a lot to Kaia; I am handling life’s challenges with grace, I am confident enough to start dating, and I’m starting to fit into some old pants. I have had a great time with them over the past few months, and I am looking forward to my workout not only tomorrow morning but also many months from now. Thank you Alma, Caitlin, and Nicole! < See Less

Pam C.

My company took us on a ropes course for team building and leadership training in Occidental, CA with a 60-foot tree climb and zip line back to ground level as a finale. It was my Kaia FIT training that made the difference for me. My new core muscles were now strong enough to allow me to scale the tree and my workouts had strengthened my arms and legs. So, with the support of my friends holding the climbing rope, and encouragement from the trainer at the top, I made it. The view was wonderful and the feeling of accomplishment was priceless. I am still smiling. And I could have never done this before training at Kaia!

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Amber E.

Since I joined Kaia Fit in Petaluma 5 weeks ago, I have lost 5 pounds, 14% body fat, and 9.25 inches! I am stronger than ever before and feel great! Being a busy person, it is easy to put my health and wellness on the back burner, but joining Kaia has been one of the best decisions of my life. Improving my fitness and nutrition helps me keep up with my busy schedule and manage my stress, and I am influencing my friends and family around me to change their lifestyles. Going on this journey with Kaia has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I cannot wait for what the future has in store!

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Chelsea F.

Years before getting involved with Kaia Fit, I was a great runner. But once I left my track team, I traded in my running shoes for pajamas. I kept promising myself that I would get back into it, but it never happened. When I found Kaia, I knew that with their guidance, I could reinvest in myself and hit the running track again. It took six weeks of pure work, sweat, and healthy choices, but I can proudly say that my inner athlete has returned!

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Jessica M.

Joining Kaia Fit was that fitness program I was looking for because it’s not just about working out; it’s about nutrition as well. Kaia provides cookbook/recipes, menu plans, and inspires you to commit for end results. The coaches are amazing women, they are truly inspirational, motivating, and supportive. The group of Kaia girls is diverse, and absolutely fun. Kaia is about eating clean, training dirty, and living Kaia!

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Carolyn L.

6 weeks Brik Results - Lost 8lbs., 6.5 inches, 4% body fat.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Laurie H.

Kaia Fit Girl Petaluma

Amy S.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Jordan H.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Julie R.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Audra S.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Joyce R.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Jamie S.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Tiffany H.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma

Heather W.

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma