Sara O.

I had let myself go. My body was tired and my energy was very low. And my health! My health was deteriorating. I had depression, had developed a tremor and hard to treat anemia. I felt sick and shaky and stressed every day. I had surrendered to the idea that I was a just mother, worker, and wife; all of which are beautiful, but I didn't feel my own identity, strength, courage, or happiness. I was leaning on others for theirs.
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I was like it was wearing a costume. Like I was not me; I was someone else who had given up on themself. It is hard to explain what changed in me. I was suddenly done wearing this heavy, tired costume and I felt ready to climb, squat and run my way out of it.

I signed up for a Kaia BRIK. It was tough. I worked out. I was sore. Some days I cried, but I sweat so much my tears were hidden. But I was doing it. I found my own motivation and validation. I just kept going. Not going to Kaia FIT was NOT an option.

It's been a year since I started Kaia FIT. Today, I am strong, confident, and feel like I made friends with myself again. I practice self-care. I am healthy and have lost 30 pounds and counting. The costume is off and I have arrived.
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Kaia Fit Petaluma