Rosie W.

I have struggled with my weight for years. I have been yo-yoing for as long as I can remember. The hardest (and most important) lesson I had to learn in this fitness journey is this: no one can give you a perfect body and optimal health can’t be handed to you on a silver platter. The first step is, you have to want it. Then, you have to work for it! Nobody can do that for you. What Kaia gives you is the tools for achieving your greatest potential, and then you take it from there. See More >

Kaia’s approach is fool-proof. With Kaia, there are no gimmicks and no “get-thin-quick” empty promises. The way I see it is, Kaia is based on 3 things: Community, Clean eating, and fun/dynamic/effective exercise. When you join Kaia, you step into a community of women who are coming together for the shared goal of feeling better and getting healthier. This community is one of the most profound differences between Kaia and all the other gyms out there. The best way I know how to articulate this is with a little story.

I joined Kaia at the beginning of a BRIK session. I was at my heaviest weight ever (195lbs). I felt sluggish, defeated, and far from beautiful at that point in my life…and I was only 23 years old! During one of the first days of BRIK, we were supposed to run a timed mile. My worst nightmare. I have never been a runner and I had always told myself I could scarcely run across a street…an entire mile was out of the question! My mind shut down. My inner voice kept telling me that there was no way I could do it. I was feeling overwhelmed, emotional, and worst of all, ashamed by what I believed to be inevitable failure. Sensing this, two of my Kaia teammates discretely came over to me. They told me, “you are going to finish this mile. It doesn’t matter if you have to walk every few steps, you are going to finish it. You can do it.” And I did.

Now, mere months later, I am running 5 miles on a regular basis- on my own! I have lost 20lbs, and still dropping. I am confident, my skin is brighter, my hair is growing better, I have more energy, and most importantly, I am happier. This is not some bottled testimonial, it’s true. I think sometimes we subconsciously hold onto less-than optimal health because it is comfortable- or at least that was the case for me. But your comfort zone is a beautiful place where nothing grows. When you are ready to become the best version of yourself, Kaia is a great place to make it happen. < See Less

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