Joyce R.

Although I have never been a serious athlete, I’ve been in pretty good shape all my life. I’ve been retired for a number of years now, and I am an avid golfer, playing 18 Hole Courses several times a week with my husband and friends. For many years I also attended Curves for a structured exercise program. See More >

I joined Kaia FIT Petaluma in January 2014 and immediately connected with the 5am ladies. I have workout buddies in class that have become good friends. I work at my level and I do it all, including exercises I have never heard of or thought I could ever do. I shocked myself a few months ago when I jumped right into doing cartwheels!

I have never liked or wanted to run. In class when others run, I power walk. As the coaches point out, though, line runs are running - so apparently I do run and just didn’t realize it. Sometimes Kaia just sneaks up on you in amazing ways.

Our diet at home is very similar to the Kaia nutritional philosophy. I eat very healthy most of the time, with a break now and then to enjoy a glass of wine (with ice, please) or a night out. I am told my body-fat percentage (which is under 20%) speaks to my dedication to working out and healthy eating.

My physician tells me I am in incredible shape for my age. Since joining Kaia FIT, I’ve toned up, gained strength, and improved my agility, flexibility and cardio ability. Until Kaia, I had never taken a yoga class and I had no interest in it. Now I love it and look forward to those Friday classes.

The icing on the cake is that I feel younger than I could imagine. Last week a complete stranger told me how incredible I look and asked what I did. He was very disappointed that Kaia is a program for women.

Thank you Kaia for giving me an extended group of friends and making me feel better at 71 years old than I ever thought I would in my wildest dreams. I am living proof that Kaia is for everyone. < See Less

Kaia FIT Girl Petaluma