We offer a health and fitness program for women of all ages, backgrounds and health and we cater to all fitness levels. We combine a range of fitness training and common sense health eating guidelines in an environment that is always-positive, welcoming and supportive. Women welcome women with open arms, bright smiles, positive energy and caring. Our gym is a place where every women feels safe, is not judged and will find friends that provide loving accountability and encouragement to live a healthy and thriving life.


Our Year-round Program Includes:

  • Creative & Unique Bootcamp & Core-focused Fitness Workouts
  • Kaia Yoga Flow
  • Saturday Outdoor Adventures for Walkers, Hikers and Runners
  • Personal Training in a Group Atmosphere
  • Indoor & Outdoor Training
  • Enthusiastic Coaches to Help Achieve Your Goals
  • Common Sense Nutritional Support, Cookbooks and Meal Plans
  • Fitness Tests & Crazy, Unique Challenges
  • Physical Assessments (optional)
  • Warm, Supportive & Positive Community
  • Fun Team Events, Celebrations & Gear
  • Friendships to Last a Lifetime

"So many people are wanting to be in shape and are searching for a consistent workout that is fun, has variety, friendly, supportive, challenging but not daunting. I have found this and so much more. So, I thank you."

Sabrina W.

Kaia Helps Women Achieve Dramatic Results
Through Fitness, Nutrition and Loving Life

What separates Kaia FIT from other programs is a combination of intense muscle confusion workouts, nutritional guidance and constant support from our certified coaches. Kaia helps women achieve dramatic results. Kaia workout classes are built on a foundation of progressions that make our members feel safe and comfortable at any fitness level. What does it take to live strong and live FIT? We believe it takes a lot: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and rest. With busy lives and a limited amount of time for exercise, we are committed to creating workouts that keep you engaged and keep your body guessing.

“We also target health and weight loss from a nutritional standpoint. We give you the tools you need to build a healthy relationship with food. We will teach you all about healthy food choices, how to eat lean and green, and we’ll guide you in making choices that will keep you healthy for a lifetime.”

Kaia Offers a Year-round Program
With Innovative Challenges and Themes Tied to the Seasons

Throughout the year we throw out team challenges that make it fun to work hard to meet goals. Three times a year we hit it hard with special sessions that are the cornerstones of health and fitness. By building a solid foundation throughout the year, we train our bodies and our minds to take on multiple challenges simultaneously. Kaia FIT is unique in that we have developed a year-round program that is easy to follow, produces amazing results and can be applied to everyday living.

Kaia Dance Program

Get ready for fun, athletic dance moves. Kaia Dance is based on foundational moves and offer a class that is easy enough for beginners yet challenging enough for the more seasoned dancer. The simplicity of the routines allows you to keep moving with ease. Dance feels like a party, but is a great way to get your sweat on.