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What is a Kaia Classic Member?

A Kaia Classic Member is a women who is dedicated to her health & fitness. Who has decided to take one hour out of her busy day to do something for herself. Someone who is committed to becoming an inspiration for other Kaia Girls, her family and friends. These are members who not only wants to make a change in her health over the next twelve months but also for a lifetime.

Become a Classic Member and Receive All This Kaia Love:

  • Classic Members are in all sessions and challenges over the course of 12 months, including 3 BRIK sessions and everything in between.
  • Unlimited classes: Kaia Cross Training, Yoga Flow and Saturday Adventures.
  • Special Classic Member classes.
  • Exclusive gear.
  • Ongoing nutrition and wellness support.
  • Free Workshops that includes: Healthy Eating, Shopping Tours, Thrive for Life, Self-defense, Foam Roller Mania, Mobility, Pilates Mat, Backpacking Essentials, Cooking Classes and more!
  • You save over $300 every year.
  • You become part of a group of women dedicated to health and fitness.
  • No initiation or termination fee, just requires 30 days cancellation notice.

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