Who We Are

We are a team, we train together.

Kaia FIT is not your typical gym or bootcamp. Think of Kaia FIT as a team sport. We are a community of women bonded through sweat, muscle aches, fun workouts and morning runs. We focus on personal results achieved through teamwork. Here, you’re surrounded by women helping each other accomplish common goals. We support each other so that we all can live healthy, feel amazing and say "yes" to life!

Kaia is a sport. You are an athlete. Your class is your team.

Finding camaraderie in our classes is a vital component to everyone’s success. The women beside you each day feel exactly what you are feeling and are important motivation to keep you going, whether you realize it or not. It is equally important to recognize and embrace your role in this relationship. Know that you are someone else’s role model, inspiration and silent teacher.

What's more, we cater to every age and fitness level. Our workouts are tailored for women of all abilities and we modify exercises to ensure you'll never be left behind. We find your fitness level and respect your limits- you'll find a second home at Kaia FIT Petaluma.

We ask you to come to Kaia FIT not only as a committed athlete, as you all are, but also as a devoted teammate.

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the Kaia Way?

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